About Chef Spencer


Like many Chefs, my love of food came from my family. As a young child when my family would get together at my grandmother’s house, I loved being in the kitchen with my grandmother. She was not professionally trained, but knew her way around a kitchen very well. Her “recipes” were a bit unorthodox, but that is what made them amazing…and ultimately what always grabbed my attention. I believe it was her ways of ‘inventing recipes” that really started my obsession with cooking. My Mother helped spur that on as I grew older. I would always help my mom in the kitchen for any special occasion and family get togethers. I have learned a lot from both my mom and grandmother and will always be grateful for the kitchen and life lessons I have learned from them over the years.

As I grew into my adult life, I took a job in Corporate America, I worked in this job for nearly 20 years, but never gave up my passion for cooking. This corporate job moved me to Atlanta for two years where I took advantage of this time to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. At Le Cordon Bleu, I learned the proper techniques of the culinary Arts.  I won several school awards and ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude in my graduating class. 

Shortly after graduation, I moved back to the Memphis area. I still held my corporate job, but also began doing some catering and personal chef jobs in my spare time. I have now decided to make the Culinary Arts and Personal Chef Services my full time Career…thus the opening of ChefWorx Personal Chef Service. 

I am an active member of the American Personal and Private Chefs Association and hold both a ServSafe Certification and a Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Certification and License.

Contact me for a no-obligation consultation, or to find out more about hiring your own personal chef.