Frequently asked questions

What is a "personal chef"?

A Personal Chef is your answer to providing you with great tasting, healthy, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the hassle of shopping and cooking. Offering the convenience of meal preparation in your home, typically consisting of two weeks worth of meals, a Personal Chef Service includes: Customized menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, meal packaging and storing, and kitchen cleanup. Leaving you with nothing to do but heat up your meals using the provided heating instructions.

How does your service work?

Please see the HOW IT WORKS page for service details

How much does this cost?

Please see the SERVICE PLANS page for details.

What is included in your service plan prices?

The single, flat rate for each service plan includes everything: food costs, menu planning and cooking time.

*Pricing for container option will vary based on containers chosen during initial consultation.

Why is your pricing different from other personal chef services?

Many other personal chef services charge their clients by the hour for the chef's time and then add food costs.  This means that each week's bill is different depending on the menu and the time required for preparation.

My fee structure is simpler and more convenient for my clients.  I charge a flat, all-inclusive rate for each service plan.  Clients can depend on a predictable rate each week, and I manage my time and food costs.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No.  My service plans are not contracts.  You are never locked in.  You pay per service date and that's it.  You can decide to stop the service at any time (please provide notice of cancellation at least five days in advance of next cook date).

Where are my meals prepared?

The typical Personal Chef service prepares all meals in the clients home kitchen. However at Chefworx Personal Chef Service we offer two options:

1. All meals can be prepared in the client's home kitchen.

2. All meals can be prepared in a commercial kitchen that is inspected by the Shelby County Health Department and then delivered to the client's home.

Where do you get the ingredients for my meals?

I shop for the ingredients for your meals at Kroger, Fresh Market and Whole Foods. I search for the freshest quality ingredients available.

How are my meals packaged?

This is something we will discuss in our initial consultation, but there are two packaging options available.

Reusable glass containers can be used for your service. This will require a one time fee upfront...but the containers are yours to keep if you should cancel your service. These containers would need to be available for me for each service. 

Disposable plastic containers can also be used for your service. These will incur a small fee added to your price for each cook date.

*Service plans that are cooked in commercial kitchen and then delivered will use the Disposable plastic containers.

Can you help me with my special diet?

Yes! I can accommodate many different dietary needs. Please contact me to discuss any meal plans needed for Special Dietary needs.

Have More Questions?

Please contact me anytime! I look forward to hearing from you.